Adding a Deal to Your Listing

  1. You may add a Deal to your listing by logging into your account, selecting your listing, and then clicking "Add deal" from your account.
  2. Create a Title for your Deal. Use something descriptive and interesting so it catches people's attention.
  3. Enter a Summary Description which is shown before someone selects your Deal
  4. Enter a Detailed Description which is shown after someone selects your deal.
  5. Edit the Terms of your Deal as desired.
  6. Upload a picture under "Thumbnail" (must be 1.5MB or less).  Choose something eye catching.
  7. Enter some Keywords that someone might use when searching for your deal.
  8. Enter Start and End dates for your deal
  9. Choose if you want to offer a Fixed Value or a Percentage Off
    1. Enter the original price for the item under "Item Value",
    2. If you chose a Fixed Value then enter the price you're selling the item for under "Discount Value"
    3. If you chose a Percentage Off just enter the percentage you'd like to discount the item.
    4. To create a Deal that's Free you may enter 0 for the Discount Value and your deal will read "Free" when displayed.
  10. Enter the total number of discounts you'd like to offer.  For an unlimited number just enter a very high number.  You can always edit your deal later to add more if needed.
  11. Enter any SEO information desired or leave it blank - this information is used for search engines such as Google to index the deal and display it when searched for.
  12. Click "Save"