Banners are a great way to communicate your promotions or even just to make your listing or event stand out for everyone to see.

To create one follow these instructions:

  1. Visit our Advertise page at and select the "Banner Options" tab.
  2. Click on "Sign Up" under the banner package you'd like to purchase
  3. Enter a "Caption" for you banner - choose something interesting that will capture your customer's interest
  4. Choose your payment method and then select "Continue".  You won't have to complete the payment information just yet.
  5. If you already have an account with us click the link for "Already a member - Log in here".  Otherwise enter the required information to register your account.
  6. Choose where you would like your banner displayed.
    1. If you choose "General Pages" your banner will display on all pages except when someone searches for something
    2. If you choose one of the other options you can select if your listing is shown when someone searches by keyword (non category search) or when they pick a category (must choose which category)
  7. Choose whether you want a new window in the browser to open when someone clicks on your banner or if it should stay on the same window
  8. Enter the website address you'd like the banner to go to when someone clicks on it under "Destination URL".  This could be anything including your listing if desired.  Be sure to include any "https" or "www." before your website name if required.
  9. Enter a Display URL which is what your customer will see instead of the long website name.  This can be something simple like "Click Here" or "Visit our Website".
  10. Click "Save"

When you save your banner it will be submitted to our editors for review.  Once your banner has been approved you must log into your account, select your banner, and then complete payment for it before it will be displayed.