Q: Do I have to be a member of Young Living to list my business or event here?

     A: You do not need to be a member of Young Living or sell Young Living Essential Oils to list here, however, since Young Living members are our target market you may not advertise competing essential oils or other competing products to Young Living.

Q: Can I be a member of a competing oil brand and still list my business here?

     A: You may be a member of, or even sell, other brands of essential oils - you just may not list or promote them on this website.

Q: Does my listing need to have something to do with oils or Young Living to qualify for your directory?

     A: No. Please understand that the target market of this website is the Young Living Community but if you feel you have something they would find useful or interesting then by all means, create a listing for them to find.

Q: What kinds of individuals / businesses can create listings and advertisements on oilymarketplace.com?

     A: We have many different kinds individuals and/or businesses who choose to list their business or events on our site.  We especially LOVE Mom & Pop specialty shops, Entrepreneurs, and Small Businesses - all you need is your own website to link to, or a phone number, or email address so visitors can contact you to purchase your product, service, or attend your event.

Q: I know a great oily vendor that should be added to your directory, how do I get them on here?

     A: There are several ways to add a listing to our directory.  If it's for a business or individual you know, the best way to go about doing so is to Share our website with them and encourage them to add their business to our directory.  Basic listings are always free so there is nothing for them to lose by doing so.  Alternatively you can Send Us a Link to their website or send us their contact information so we can follow up with them.  Lastly, you can Add a listing on their behalf if you're sure you aren't violating copyright or trademark laws.  Usually this means you cannot copy images, logos, or content without the business owner's permission.  Many businesses get added to directory websites such as this by contributors such as yourself and you may do so for free.  Once a business finds their listing they can then "Claim" their listing by clicking a link on the listing itself.  At that point they can assume ownership and editing rights for it.  

To send us a link or contact information you may reach us at admin@oilymarketplace.com or fill out the contact form on this website.

Q: Are my customers able to purchase my items or sign-up for my event right on your website?

     A: No.  We intentionally do not offer a way for visitors to purchase your items directly from this website.  If we did so we would act as a middle-man and would have to require a commission to handle payments and fullfillment on your behalf.  This would obviously make your products/services/events more expensive and could become a hastle for your customers to have to deal with returns and so-forth.  Instead, your listings should have multiple ways to contact you and reach your website where you yourself can handle payments, fullfillment, and customer interactions.

Q: What Types of Listings Can I Create?

     A: We have both a business directory and an events directory.

  1. Business Directory Listings may be for anything you think the Young Living Community would find useful or interesting so long as they abide by our Listing Rules and Terms of Service. We have categories of all kinds such as Oily Displays, Jewelry, Textiles, Books, Training, Financial Assistance, Legal Assistance, Website Assistance, Smartphone & Tablet Apps, etc.. Don't see a category that fits your listing? Contact us at admin@oilymarketplace.com and send us a request.
  2. Events may be posted about anything you think the Young Living Community would find useful or interesting so long as they abide by our Listing Rules and Terms of Service. Showcase your upcoming training seminar, Facebook Live event, or even your own oily convention.
  3. Deals: If you create a Business Listing you can also create a Deal on our Deals page.  Deals are special offers or coupons your customers may redeem right from our website.  You'll be notified by email when a deal is redeemed and you can set a limit to the number of deals available so you don't run out of inventory.

Q: What ways can I advertise my listing on this website?

     A: Want your listing to stand out and get seen more often?  Purchase one of our Banner Ads to get your listing out front.    Banners appear in various places throughout our website.  Banners can be linked to any business listing - even free listings. Banners must comply with our Listing Rules and Terms of Service.

Q: I found my business listed on your website.  How do I edit the listing or delete it?

     A: Simply visit the listing, click on "Claim This Listing" and submit information to our editors which proves your ownership of the business or listing in question.  Once you are approved you will be able to edit and/or delete the listing at your leisure.

Q: How do I use the Facebook Plug-in on my listing?

     A: The Facebook plug-in shows your Facebook Fan page on the sidebar of your listing (note this only works with the fan page, not a personal page).  To use it you must first have subscribed to a premium listing package (Featured Business Listing or Featured Event Listing).  After subscribing you may edit your listing and enter your Facebook fan page URL (i.e. https://facebook.com/yourpage) in the Facebook URL box.  The plug-in automatically activates once you've saved this URL.

Q: How can I make a suggestion about something I'd like to see changed or added to your website?

     A: You can always contact us at admin@oilymarketplace.com or fill out our contact form directly off our website.  We value your suggestions and look forward to ways we can improve.