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An EFFECTIVE Website Changes Everything!

This is your solution for converting curious people into buyers then customers into business builders!  The #1 rated, ready-to-use Young Living™ marketing website! Finally, a website that's EFFECTIVE and also includes advanced, must-have tools!

When you choose a personal business website with you will get a non-overwhelming, pre-made, customizable, affordable and very effective solution for your Young Living personal website.

It is our experience that your business will grow to the degree you contain the confusion and ensure your prospect is not overwhelmed. A confused mind does nothing and you need them to make the decision to get started!

Your website will offer your prospects the most important information about Young Living’s products in a way that isn't overpowering or too much (too soon) and will guide them to get started in the most effective way.


What's Included with Your Marketing Site?

You have a lot of (included) options for your website to slant it toward what you most want to share as well as customizing options to make it personal and reflect your personality!

Options, benefits & features are far too many to list here. We invite you to visit and find out why this should be your business website solution.


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Your Site Compliant & Visible in 6 Regions

Your marketing site has a built-in drop-down menu that allows your visitors to view your site, with full compliance in any of these 6 regions:   US, CA, AU, NZ, UK and the EU (English only)



What Makes YLDist Marketing Sites Different?

A true story and one most haven’t heard….

First, how important do you think having a personal Young Living marketing website is to grow your business?  Well, you might be surprised how vital an EFFECTIVE site is in network marketing!

So, just any “professionally designed” website?  

Absolutely not, and here is why… 

An incorrectly DESIGNED site could be costing you way more in lost prospects then you will ever know! 

On the other hand, a properly designed marketing website is the single most significant difference between making a sale and losing a prospect from your website. 

It is NOT about what side features are offered with the site at all, even though peripheral tools are essential, they are entirely meaningless if that website isn’t designed correctly!

Really? I thought all “professional” website developers are (basically) the same!  Well, most are, you’re correct about that.

These days nearly anyone can put a website online in a few days, or even a few hours. We have seen that the major difference between almost every website we’ve seen in this arena and sites is "prospect usability" - and that is a critical element.

What is “prospect usability”?  

Think of it like this. When a brand new prospect comes to your site to learn more, your website must have the proper “flow design” without overwhelming them. 

See, the design is specific to exactly how the user interacts, what key information is (and isn’t) presented to them, as well as where and when that information is presented, and this IS THE KEY between a site that is EFFECTIVE in making a sale or losing a prospect.

This level of expertise in web design is far more expensive. A lot of affordable designers lack this skillset.

YLDist’s website designer is a highly trained and experienced expert in website “usability design”.  

Because you need a website that helps you get results, your having an expertly and PROPERLY DESIGNED marketing site is crucial for you.

A poorly designed site will quickly overwhelm, confuse and scare your prospects away. Remember, they are still new and have no previous understanding of Young Living. 

So, does one need a marketing website for their Young Living business? Indeed it depends on who you ask and what their experience was!

There are those who used the wrong website provider, those who jump from one website provider to another, and even others who leap off the wagon to create a custom designed site. Then, when they are not getting the expected results, many conclude that one doesn't need a website in network marketing!

But the truth is, a correctly designed and worded website is worth its weight in gold when it comes to a tool in your business and provides you with a solid foundation from which you can grow. 


What YLDist Site Owners are Saying

Reviews for YLDist CLICK HERE to see more reviews

Additional Information


  • -Built-in Email Marketing System. No limits on usage! Unlimited Emails & Contacts.
  • -Pre-written Email Marketing Content, Stay in Front of Your Prospects & Team. (Fully Editable).
  • -Ability to Write Your Own Email Campaigns.
  • -Schedule Your Own Bulk Emails (Including Info-Graphic Photo Emails), In Advance.
  • -Write Single Email Messages and Send to One or More of Your Contacts.
  • -Lead Capture That is Built Right into Your Site, Offering Something of Value - (No annoying pop-ups).
  • -Special Lead Capture Page for Essential Oils 101 eClass & Newsletter Sign-Ups.
  • -All Pre-Written Content is Editable and Personalized From You to Your Customer.
  • -High-Quality, Pre-Written Newsletters, Emailed Twice Monthly to Your Selected Customers & Builders.
  • -"Premium Starter Kit Buyers" Pre-Written Email Series. Send to All Your Kit Buyers to Keep Them Using Products & Reordering.
  • -Business-Building Training Video Library (Social Media Marketing, General Business Building, Products & Uses) For All Site Owners.
  • -Events Calendar with RSVP and Other Cool Features, Built Right into Your Site (Payment Options Coming Very Soon).
  • -Access to High-Quality Info-Graphics (Created Weekly) Catogorized & Compliant for 6 Regions (US, CA, AU, NZ, UK, EU).
  • -Personal WordPress Blog, Built Right into Your Site (Along with Training on How to Blog & Lesser Known Best Practices).
  • -Schedule Blog Posts for Publishing on Pre-Determined Dates in the Future.
  • -Ability to Have Hidden & Password Protected Blog Posts.
  • -Blog Subscription Built-In to Your Website, So Your Team & Customers Get Your Published Articles Right Away.
  • -Add Young Living's Blog to Your Website (You'll Need to Request This Customization From Us).
  • -Social Media Integration, Allowing You to Share Any of Your Social Channels Right on Your Marketing Site.
  • -Market to 6 Regions with One Website! Your visitor's Can View Your Site in Their Own Region, Compliant to Their Country.
  • -Personalized Slide-In Feature to Use for Special Purposes.
  • -Leg-Builder Feature, Allowing Leaders to Point New Sales to Specified Team-Legs Under Them.
  • -Partner Mode, Allowing You to Share a Site with a Business Partner.
  • -Access to our Facebook Users Group with 7,000+ Members - Learn Website Tips & Tricks & About Your tools.
  • -Website How-To Videos to Learn About and How to Use All of Your Features.
  • -Duplicate Yourself. This is 100% duplicatable for Your Team & the Business-Training Will Help Them Learn Even More.
  • -Generous Affiliate Program. Refer others to Get a Marketing Site from and Earn Cash Back.
  • -Marketing Site Designed to CONVERT Your Visitors to Members, without Overwhelming Them with "Everything".
  • -Free & Unlimited Customer Support - The Best & Fastest - Everybody is Considered VIP to Us!
  • -Google Analytics Built-In to Your Site.
  • -Always kept up-to-date with Young Living.
  • -Compatible on all mobile devices.
  • -Monthly Promotions, Shown Right on Your Home Page for Visitors to See Special Promotions.
  • -Your Distributor Number Built-In. All Sign-Up Links Will Go Directly to Young Living and Will Have Your ID Number Pre-filled.
  • -SEO built-In to Your Marketing Site. Get Easily Found on Google.
  • -Sites are compliant in 6 regions: US, CA, AU, NZ, EU and UK.
  • -Custom Links to Outside Sources, at Your Request. We Can Custom a Link for You.
  • -All Customization Requests are Considered and Done if Possible.
  • -Customize All Colors, Buttons, Backgrounds (or have none) and Fonts as well as Selections of Content Blocks.
  • -Logo - Use Your Own Logo in the Header of Your Site.
  • -Content options. You Choose From a List of Content for What You Want to Show on Your Site.
  • -Domain Name Redirect. If You Have Your Own Personal Domain Name, You Can Point to Your Marketing Site.
  • -Private Team Hub. An Area Where You Can Stay Completely Connected with All Your Customers & Builders in One Place.
  • -Text Broadcasting.


18 Reviews
Crystal S
Fremont, NE
Great tool for my YL biz!

This website has been a great tool that I should have gotten a long time ago! Not only is the website attractive and user friendly (for both visitor and myself), but the newsletter and other campaign options are awesome as well. Any time we can automate our systems, that's perfect, and this site helps me to do just that!

July 2018

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Pat McCray
YLDist website

I love my website of I really appreciate the having a blog and newsletters that automatically go out to my contact list. YLDist gives me a compliant website that is beautiful!

July 2018

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Philadelphia, PA
FABULOUS Customer Service

They make it so easy to set up and customize your website. And, when you're stuck, they reply to your questions VERY quickly. Being new to this whole process, I had many questions but they always responded with positivity, help, cheerfully resolving my problems. I highly recommend YLDIST. In fact, my upline is now with YLDIST because I could recommend them so strongly!

July 2018

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18 Reviews

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