10 Simple, Straightforward, Common-Sense Rules for Listings – Please Read!

1) All Listings MUST Be in the English Language

At this time we do not support other languages.

2) All Listings MUST Be Pertinent to Young Living Essential Oils.

Listings should be for something related to Young Living Essential Oils or something about the Business Side of Young Living Essential Oils.

Examples of acceptable listings (not meant to be an exhaustive list, just examples): Business listings for Vendors who make complementary products to Young Living Essential Oils.  How-To articles on how to use your oils or how to setup a YL display for a vendor show.  Listings about building or running a Network Marketing business.  Help Wanted Ads for someone to help with your YL business.  Event Listings for YL vendor shows or YL training events.  Listings for YL teams or support groups, etc.

3) Listings MAY NOT Compete With or Disparage (put down) Young Living Essential Oils In Any Way – this website is dedicated to Young Living and their members after all 🙂

4) Listings MAY NOT Mention ANY Other MLM or Essential Oil Company.

5) All Listings MUST Be FDA Compliant

(YL members know what this means.  If you’re not sure, ask one or contact Young Living’s Compliance Department – you’ll need to know about it anyway 🙂

6) Listings MAY NOT Contain Copyrighted or Trademarked Images, Text, or Content UNLESS You Own The Copyright or Have Written Permission From the Owner to Use It.

(FYI – Young Living images and content are ALL copyrighted. Don’t use them without written permission).

7) Do NOT Plagiarize

DO NOT claim something is yours unless it really is – give credit to the person who created it.

8) You MAY NOT Post Someone Else’s Content BUT You CAN Link To It.

Create a listing with a brief summary of what their content is about and add a link to it If the owner of the content allows it (most do and would be flattered but there are exceptions – ask their permission if in doubt).

9) Images and Content MUST BE Rated G – Suitable For All Audiences – This Includes Images and Pages that are Directly Linked To From Your Listing.

10) Use Accurate Links to Real Content. DO NOT Link to Something That Violates The Aforementioned Rules.  We have zero tolerance for SPAM.

If In Doubt, Ask.

We’re Here to Help. If You Have Any Questions About Our Rules and Regulations Just Send Us An Email to Admin@OilyMarketplace.com