The AromaDome®

Thousands have already been delighted by the transformational effects of the AromaDome®, a simple-to-use essential oil delivery system designed and created by Healing Minister and educator, Julie Chertow.

The AromaDome®, an ingenious “soft” technology, was originally developed to nurture profound relaxation and stimulate the body’s innate healing response by providing a more efficient way to absorb essential oils. This innovation is now recognized as a leading method for catalyzing deep and long-lasting emotional healing, as well as fostering physical wellness, either at home or with a practitioner, on its own or in conjunction with other modalities.

The AromaDome® skillfully blends today’s technology in synergy with the ancient wisdom and potency of Young Living Essential Oils and can be effective in stress relief, emotional release from trauma, as a meditative mini-retreat to spark conscious creativity, or whenever self-care is called for.

AromaDome®: Changing Lives One Breath at a Time (book)

Julie Chertow penned AromaDome®: Changing Lives One Breath at a Time in just two weeks of intense focus, but in a few short chapters, she masterfully conveys wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of deep contemplation and learning. Straightforward and clear, the book documents almost four decades of grounded inquiry that ultimately let her to the inception of the AromaDome®, a ground-breaking essential oil delivery system.

With nearly forty years in the field as a Minister of Healing, massage therapist and educator, Julie brings us along on her journey filled with mysticism and wellness healing on all levels.

As the story unfolds, we also learn about Julie’s successes using various protocols with the AromaDome®, and to date, thousands have been inspired to seek out a personal encounter with this truly inspired invention to experience its magic for themselves. This book is truly a must-read for any committed essential oil lover.

AromaDome®: Changing Lives One Breath at a Time is filled with color photos and protocols, but it is Julie’s insight into the emotional releasing aspects of the oils which is perhaps the most important gift of all.

Accessible to any level of essential oil user at home, practitioners of the healing arts will quickly recognize the AromaDome® as an exciting new avenue for treating clients, alone or in conjunction with other modalities. This “soft” technology opens the door to a potent and user-friendly way for anyone to harness the power of Young Living oils for their clients, family, friends, and downline.



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