The GooGootz Books children's series helps parents and grandparents convey simple truths about essential oil usage.  Through rhyming verse and engaging, colorful characters, children interact with the oily lifestyle in a way they can easily comprehend. These would be powerful handouts to distribute to team members and to recruit new members. Titles include:
There's an Oil for That! - a family showcases general essential oil uses

The Empty Bottle Surprise  - a young boy's adventure with multiplying empty essential oil bottles

My Favorite Diffuser  - a girl's description of all the magical things her diffuser can do.

You Can Lead a Man to Oils... - a guide to support women who feel like they are on their own in their oily journey.  Addressing male skepticism, the book is filled with tips and encouragement for women to stay strong.  The last few chapters challenge men to get on board.

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